Why Estateology?

Your first and last stop
Estates are an ancient concept dating back to the Latin root to stand. Estates are about security and long term stability. The suffix -ology means “the study of”. Having spent our careers studying, living and breathing the property industry and everything that surrounds it we realised this is what defines us.

Passionate About Property

At Estateology we are passionate about property and with over 19 years of high level experience in the property and service delivery sectors providing you with the ultimate customer experience is our priority.  Our ethos is to deliver sound and honest advice whether you are buying, selling, investing, letting, or just a little confused as to what to do next.

With an ever expanding client base, built on honesty and transparency, we know that dealing with property matters can be a stressful time. With our wealth of industry experience, coupled with high class customer service, we continuously challenge conventional estate agency methods to make sure you receive the best service possible.

Our Philosophy

The Three T’s is a phrase coined together by the team at Estateology. From our experience and research, a consistent set of themes arose around these attributes. We decided that TTT would become the core of Estateology’s ethos.


Estateology’s research showed, the public do not always trust their agent. This is due to the lack of availability, contact, and general feedback. The longer the process of acquiring or discharging the property, the more chance there is of a breakdown in communication; leading to stress and less trust in the agent. Our pre-emptive planning process reduces timelines across all stages, whether you are buying, selling, letting or looking to invest.


From our first meeting with you, we underline our working method so you are absolutely clear of what will happen throughout the process. You will be able to access your own file for live, up to date information and we will check in with you several times a week with updates no matter how big or small.


It’s all about timing, we make sure you understand how all the stages interact so you don’t get disappointed by the unexpected and to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety, we will be available out of hours. Also, our experience and research shows that most issues arise outside working hours and are normally raised the following day. We get things moving on the day.

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