Beanibazar Village Cup 2021 – A football tournament bringing both the old and young together

29 September 2021

On August 15th2021 Estateology were proud sponsors of Sridhara United for the Beanibazar Village Cup 2021 in support of the Beanibazar Sporting Club in partnership with the Beanibazar Cancer & General Hospital. It was a great way of engaging the young, old generation and their loved ones through the beautiful game. Fathers, sons, uncles and relatives all coming together. The day saw hundreds of people arrive to Mile End Stadium for some great football and incredible moments which they will cherish and look forward to as this will become an annual event.

Owner of the business Sam Samad was honoured to have managed his own village team Sridhara United which competed hard and worked together to get to the quarter finals of the tournament. Tactics and Strategy were some of the key ingredients to get to the quarter finals. Here’s what Sam had to say about the event when interviewed with Emdad Rahman MBE; “This is a historic day for expatriate Beanibazaris and it’s been so exciting to use football to bring our community together with the added bonus of raising awareness of our marvellous projects at the cancer hospital.”

Estateology will be looking to sponsor many more community lead projects as we believe it is a great way of engaging with the young and old, bridging the gap of the two generations.