Half a decade!! What a milestone to hit! Considering some of the challenges the company has faced in those five years makes this incredible milestone even more impressive. Estateology has not simply survived, but thrived in the difficult market situations we have faced. Spearheaded by the backbone of the Owner Sam, who has 20 years worth of experience in the property industry and the Operations Manager Abu who has been providing excellent service to customers and clients alike and ensuring a smooth operation  for over 4 years.

Of course, the journey so far has not been easy with the challenges of Brexit and Covid-19 massively affecting both the sales and lettings markets, but our company Ethos – the three ‘T’s have kept the operation running smoothly.

Trust – A persons property can be one of their most prized possessions and their livelihood, so when Landlords trust us with getting their property let out or sold, of course, we appreciate it. That level of trust takes time to build and once it is built, needs to be maintained.

Transparency – One of the main ways we build a level of trust with our clients and customers is the transparency we show throughout the sales or lettings process. The very first thing new recruits learn at Estateology is the three ‘C’s – Clarity, Competence, and Consequence all delivered with Confidence. We are clear and specific with our wording, and we know what we are talking about, which allows us to speak with confidence and brings us positive consequences. 

Timing – We make sure every minute of the day is used to good effect and strive to meet all appointments and deadlines in a timely manner. Our reviews speak for themselves regarding our efficiency and speed.

They say seeing is believing, so come and see for yourself the level of service we provide and help us have an even more successful next five years.